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How to write a good Curriculum Vitae / Resume / CV

Have you seen your dream job on Asia Job World? Let's get you started to make a good first impression by writing a good Curriculum Vitae (CV).

A curriculum vitae should always be accompanied by an application letter and vice versa.

Most recruiters usually look at your cv first and some only need about 7 seconds to scan it.

What is important in your CV and what do they actually look for?

Below some tips and advice from us at Asia Job World

CV Resume Tips

The application letter should not take more than one A4 size paper. Keep it short and to the point.

Personal details

Keep it short by writing not too many details. Example:



Telephone number

Email address

Date of birth


Driving license


Only mention education that you have finished by stating "diploma earned".

Make sure you state them in anti chronological order, which means your most recent finished education is stated first.


Title of the Education: Start with your most recent education

School/University name

Starting date - end date

Achieved diploma: Yes or No

Give a short summary of the most important subjects in your studies. If you have written a thesis, write down the title and the subject

Work Experience

Make sure you state work experience in anti chronological order, which means your most recent recent work experience is stated first.

If you have gained work experience at a company which is not very well known, it could help to add a link to their website or give a short description of that company.

If you have gained work experience at a company which is well known, it could be a nice touch to add the company logo.


Start date and finishing date (in bold)

Name of the company

Job title

Duties: Give a short overview of your duties in this job, if you have a lot, use bullet points as that will give a clear overview

Achievements: What are your personal and business goals that you have accomplished and give examples. Give a short overview of the result, how you accomplished this result and which problems you have solved. Only choose goals which are relevant for the job you are applying for.

Skills and hobbies

If it is essential to have certain skills for a job, make sure these skills are on your cv.

If you don't have these skills, you could add a profile to your cv and summarize in five to six sentences about what skills and interests you do possess and are currently working on.

We from Asia Job World hope we have helped you with this information and that you will have a successful job interview!


CV Resume Tips

CV Resume Tips