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How to have a successful job interview

A job interview is always exciting and a good preparation is essential.

Job Interview Tips

Job Interview Do's:

  1. Don't try to be someone you are not, be yourself. Emphasize your strong points, be positive about your weak points and try to be "problem solving".
  2. Try to have a relaxed attitude as this will work for both parties.
  3. Often look the employer in the eyes. This will give an honest, sincere and serious impression.
  4. Remember the name of the person who will do the interview and greet them by saying their name: Good morning Mrs X.
  5. If you are being asked a question and you don't understand, don't be afraid to ask for further explanation as this will be a lot better than to keep silent or worse, you don't know how to answer the question.
  6. Stay positive. Tell the employer what you have learned in your previous jobs and because of these experiences you got to know yourself a lot better. You could also say that you resigned from your last job because it was lacking future challenges.
  7. Try to answer all the employer's questions, even if you can't see the meaning of it.
  8. When the interview is coming to an end, ask them what impression the employer has of you. This will give you the opportunity to explain if the employer had misinterpreted something you have said.

Job Interview Dont's:

  1. A good breath is always nice, but please avoid chewing gum. Peppermint would be the better option.
  2. Nerves can do strange things to people, avoid tapping with your fingers or feet and try not to behave too careless.
  3. Leave your problems with your previous employers at home. If you slash your previous employers, your future employer might think you will do the same with him.
  4. Be friendly to everyone you meet when you enter the employer's building. If you behave impolite to the receptionist for instance, your employer will for sure hear about it.
  5. If someone collects you for the job interview, try not to be silent. Try and comment on the building or for instance the artwork on the walls, this will break the ice and will prove your positive approach.
  6. Don't discuss your salary and secondary conditions during your first job interview unless the employer asks for it. Usually this will be discussed during the second job interview.

Frequently asked questions by employers

To prepare yourself for the job interview, here are some frequently asked questions by employers and why they ask them.

  1. In what kind of family were you raised and what was your role in the family?
    This will help the employer to find out what your behavior is in groups. It also gives them insight on how you deal with setbacks and if the candidate has self-reflection and introspection. People who blame external factors for everything that goes wrong are not able to grow personally and even worse, they don't take any responsibility.
  2. What makes you tick?
    The answer to this question will tell the employer what the exciting factor is in their job. It is also often a question that makes the applicant smile and shine, it will show the applicants passion they feel in their job.
  3. In which previous job were you most successful and what was your part in it?
    This will help the employer to find out about the commercial opportunities someone has had and if they used that opportunity.
  4. If it was up to you, what would you like to achieve in your career?
    The answer to this question will tell the employer if the applicant has a real passion for their profession and gains pleasure from that job. It also shows how important the job is regarded, if the applicant is ambitious and whether or not the job is a good fit.
  5. What would you have liked to do differently in your career?
    The answer will show the applicant's analytical power and will show their self-knowledge and self-reflection.
  6. If you would have your manager's job tomorrow, what would be the first three things that you would change?
    This will show creativity, imagination and involvement in the job. Applicants will often tell about the things they have already raised and triggered.
  7. A question that is often asked by the employer is: Tell me something about yourself? How to best answer that question?

    Start with your name, age and name a few characteristics. Try and tell in a few sentences what keeps you busy and what your true passion is in life. You can tell the employer about your travels, which sports you like to do and about work. After this informal beginning of the job interview you can make a logical step to the job you are applying for. Tell the employer why you are so enthusiastic about this job and why you applied for it.

We from Gulf Job World hope we have helped you with this information and that you will have a successful job interview!


Job Interview Tips

Job Interview Tips